Shanghai R&D center

Jiangsu Haiheng Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd. is a specialized experimental chemistry site equipped with R&D rooms, synthesis lab, analysis lab and kilo lab. all operations are under a strict quality control system. We use advanced chemical analysis technologies such as HPLC, GC, NMR (Bruker400MHz), LC-MS, infrared spectrophotometer or UV spectrophotometer to ensure the highest quality chemicals and meet the strict requirements of our customers.


Our Shanghai R&D Center Shanghai Haiheng Industrial Co., Ltd. also provide the sourcing service according to our all customers’ requirement ,we can manage general market research in various categories as well as research into potential suppliers, product specifications and resources. these supplier management system can enable us conducting supplier analysis, evaluates potential suppliers, and manages the overall supplier qualification process, develops and create sourcing plans, evaluates and recommends purchasing and sourcing decision to management.

Quality Control

Quality is the life of enterprise HaihengPharma , its quality control starts from the raw material chosen, second is monitoring during producing, third is testing and analyzing at random in workshop, forth is controlled in quality centre. It carries with the Int’l Standards during the whole quality management, we own the best equipments and instruments for the quality control like the gas chromatography and liquid chromatography from Shimadzu Company in Japan, and WATERS liquid chromatography from U.S.A., METTLER electronic analytical balance from Germany. Haiheng Pharmatech adopts the standard sample from Germany DIKMA Company and CIPAC method, so they guarantee accuracy analysis and the rate of eligibility is up to 100%, which offer the strong guarantee for the transform of advantage from the cost to quality and brand.